Hi Competitors,


First of all, congratulations! Congratulations on being the best at what you do: creating floral art. It must feel like such an honor to represent your country during the world cup this year.


We know you’re super busy, but we actually might save you some time in the end. So, pinky promise we’ll keep it short 😊


At Hoek flowers we always say: “We deliver, you create” … and that’s in a nutshell exactly what we do. We supply farm fresh flowers to florists in over 52 countries worldwide. It all began in the UK in 2016 as the first market where we started sending flowers to from Holland. The UK market has become our biggest and this is why we feel so connected to the world cup in Manchester. The UK feels like a second home to us: We have our own team on the ground and logistics network that is perfectly arranged for a door-to-door delivery. So, if you need farm fresh flowers for the show in Manchester, delivered at location, we’re here to help.


Your Advantages:

  • A 30% discount on all flowers used for the world cup
  • A personal contact, especially for world cup competitors
  •  The possibility to pre-order specific flowers/bigger quantities
  •  Over 4.000 types of flowers available via www.hoekflowers.com
  • Order until 11am for next early morning delivery.

Contact Information



My name is Ashlea Gulle and I will be your personal contact for enquiries. I am the regional manager of the UK and I will be supporting all competitors of the world cup that are interested in getting their flowers via Hoek Flowers. Coming from South Africa, a country that is very much involved in producing amazing flora, I have a big love and appreciation for flowers. More importantly, the relationships formed through ‘friend’s in flowers’ and always feel inspired by the created and curated work of floral artists around the world.   


I look very much forward to connecting with you and meeting up.  If you'd like to find out more about Hoek Flowers, please get in touch with me via



a.gulle@hoekflowers.com or +31 6 26 14 81 65 



About Hoek Flowers


Would you like to know more about Hoek Flowers? Have a look at our Instagram @hoekflowers, or visit our website www.hoekflowers.com for more information on our history and important topics such as sustainability.


Curious about the journey of your flowers? Have a look here:


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